About Us

We take great pride in our practice and continually strive to offer the best products and services available. Our constantly expanding range of special services provide support to some special needs including Children’s Vision and Low Vision lifestyle aids.

Helpful Links

In our effort to offer our patients the most recent information on vision care research we find sites that offer relevant and reliable information in formats that our patients and visitors can benefit from. We have listed below some of those sites and a brief description of their content. We have linked directly to them for your convenience. We encourage you to take advantage of these as well as out own site.

National Eye Institute

This National Eye Institute site is more technical and filled with the most current research in vision care. If you want up-to-date information on cutting edge research visit this site.

Harvard Medical School

This Harvard Medical School site contains information on every aspect of health care including the eyes. Although most detailed information requires a subscription it is a valuable and reliable source to help you sort through all the misconceptions so widespread about today’s health issues.